Basic Spindle Selection Guide


The motor or more often in a CNC router context, it is referred to as the spindle, is the key component of every CNC router. It’s what does the work. Everything else is there to serve its needs, tell it where to go, how fast to turn, when to turn on or shut off or when to go get a different tool.. you get the idea.

Making the right decision on which CNC spindle to buy is a pretty important decision … and like everything else pretty complex, kind of like buying a coffee these days. You can’t pay up without answering at least 10 questions. Buying a CNC spindle motor is no different. Do you want a basic woodworking router or a high performance spindle motor that runs at top speeds and has the power of a Lamborghini?

So where do we start? Here’s some CNC spindle basics …

When reviewing specifications for CNC spindle motors, there are a few terms that should be known to understand the information thoroughly. Most will have a general understanding of these terms to cope but it never hurts to review so let’s start there with a discussion of RPM and how this metric might be significant to the work you intend to do with your CNC wood router… then we’ll go on to talk about torque, power, TIR and then the basics of the various types of CNC spindle motors on the market today and how you might analyze your needs to select the right spindle to match your application. After all that is your ultimate goal.

The basics of CNC Spindle Motor’s and what’s right for you?