TABLE TOP:freud router table rts50000

31.5" x 23.5" x 1" table top, made of MDF faced with a plastic laminate. This is significantly better than a painted MDF face as the laminate reduces drag.

They did leave the edge of the MDF unfinished though so I'd seal it with clear varnish to control humidity absorption, and make it a bit tougher.

This Freud router table is embedded with a 3/4" wide T-track that fits the traditional cross cut miter gauges.


9" x 12" insert plate with leveling pins, screw-in starter pin and snap-in reduction rings.


Comes with the Freud SH-5 Router Table Fence.. that adjusts independently with micro-adjustment knobs on both the in-feed and out-feed tables. Includes a dust pickup shoot on the back side of the fence.


Adjustable metal legs and cross bracing. The original ones were tapered and a little light duty but it seems that they have beefed them up and now powder coat the metal in the newer models.

If you are working with any heavy 8/4 stock or particularly long material you might want to reinforce the sides with plywood panels, bolt to the floor or sand bag it.

Note that in some outlets it is actually sold as a unit with a 3 1/4Hp Freud Router, so make sure you know if you're being quoted just the table or the table + router.

Portable Freud Router Table

freud router tableThe portable version comes with the same fence and insert plate, as the floor model Freud router table but with a smaller table (18.5" x 23.5") .

Its only 14" tall designed for table top installation.

I'm not a real fan of these. Find them a little tippy but maybe that is because it adds 14" to the height of my work bench making it somewhat awkward especially for larger boards. Too short to put on the floor and too high to put on my work bench.

If you're only ever doing drawer or small box panels its probably not a problem.

It does fold up and let you hang it on the wall when not in use.

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