kreg router tableTABLE TOP: ~$500.00

Made of 1 1/8" MDF with a special melamine surface that they call an Easy-Slide™ Micro-Dot skin that provides excellent flow of wood across its surface.

Kreg's full height router table includes metal cross braces under MDF table for added reinforcement.

I like the fact that they have edge banded the router table top to prevent moisture penetration in case you leave it in your truck overnight :)


Made from phenolic, (9-1/4” x 11-3/4” x 3/8”). It is NOT predrilled so you need to match the drill holes to your specific wood router's screw mounting pattern.

It has a leveling plate in each corner with two contact pins to stabilize the height of the insert as well as a lock down screw that secures the insert to the table.. this is a feature I really like. The insert plate can NOT shift position in use, or vibrate and create less than perfect cuts.

It includes two Reducing Rings (2”, 1-13/64”) with the smaller of the two compatible with the Porter-Cable Guide Bushing. You do have to be careful not to overtighten the screws for the reducing rings or you'll strip the hole.


One piece extruded aluminum fence with built-in dust collection hood. Removable independent in-feed and out-feed fence "faces" .. spacers are included that will offset the out-feed face for jointing applications.

It is installed on a track along the leading edge of the table as you can see in the picture the same fashion as a table saw rip fence that keeps it parallel to the front edge at least in theory, but the clamping mechanism is a little flimsy, and as with most fences of this sort never really stays 90° to the clamp. It does includes a ruler with hairline adjustment.

T-track on top of fence allows you to lock-in feather boards and/or stop blocks.

It is a good design and I particularly like the one piece construction that keeps the in and out-feed fences inline.. without fiddling.


Industrial gauge metal legs with leg levelers and height adjustment built in to the design. Castors are available.


Kreg Bench Top Router Table: ~$230.00

Table Top:

kreg router table- table top versionsame as above just not as big.

Table Insert:

same as the full floor version.


Flared Metal Frame of industrial steel, with rubber feet to hold it from running around your bench and dampen vibration.

Legs have extra mounting holes incase you decide to close it all in with wood panels.


kreg router table fenceIn the design of the Bench-top Kreg Router table the fence installs in two slots on either end of the table but otherwise is constructed in the same fashion as the one above.


Manual for the Kreg Bench-top Router table

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