Compact Router for laminate trimming.

An awesome for most edge trimming applications and hinge routing. Desiged to efficient one-handed routing. Would not consider this a router for traditional woodworking applications given its rather slim power output, but it would be great as a second tool that is light-weight and portable for edge trimming and scribbing in tight corners.


5.6 amp, 30,000 rpm


1/4" only, does NOT handle 1/2" bits

Height Adjustment:

Micro-set thumb wheel for quick height adjustment

Tool Change:

Spindle lock for one wrench bit changes

Approximate Weight:

3.8 lbs


90 Day Money Back Guarantee, 1 year Free Service Contract and 3 year Limited Warranty.


Parts Manual

Intruction Manual



D26670K: ... "K" I think indicates the "kit" versus just the one tool and standard base.

Kit that includes 3 bases including one offset base to allow the trimmer to get into tight corners, and one tilt base adjusting backward 30 degrees and 45 degrees in the forward direction for angled cuts. Kit also includes a heavy duty carry bag.

dewalt router D26670 laminate trimmer