As a general rule it is next to impossible to give a perfect review of a woodworking router and expect it to answer all of your answers and need ONLY because each of us works differently and has different priorities.

Some like wine and some like beer.. its that kind of story .. so I hope instead we have given you enough information that it will help you make a GOOD DECISION FOR YOU .. or at the very least let you know what to look for!


The DeWalt Products Company has almost a one hundred year history. It originated in 1924 in Leola PA, USA driven by the creativity of one gentleman, Mr. Raymond DeWalt's driving need to increase productivity in the woodworking industry of the time. It was only in recent history, ie. early 1990's that small electric power tools were introduced into the consumer market.

The one thing you have to be really careful with is that many of the DeWalt Routers have the same NUMBER but with letters added to the code to qualify its exact features.. like the DW616K or DW618B3, so buyer beware.

DW616 smaller 1 3/4hp router

DW618 sold with just one base, or fixed +plunge+ D-Handle

DW26670 Laminate Trimmer