Techno is one of nine industrial manufacturing and distribution companies owned and operated by Dyson, Dyson and Dunn Inc. They have combined sales of over $275 million, thus a large player in the CNC industry... one that you know will be around for many years to help with your technical challenges :).

They build CNC routers for many different industries, NOT just woodworking.... foam cutting, jewelry, orthotics, clay modeling, as well of course the sign making industry.

Techno Software Features.

  • Built-in Text Editor for updating G-code on the fly
  • Jog control: Manual control of spindle head
  • Manual setting of "Home Position"
  • Graphical Path Simulation: see tool path before execution
  • Feed Speed Override: to adjust feed speed on-the-fly
  • 10 possible Fixture Offsets locations
  • 4 axis Simultaneous Control
  • Built-in Machine diagnostics
  • Free downloadable upgrades to software
  • Windows based software that uses standard G and M code that works with all major CAM software.

Techno is one of a select few manufacturers of CNC routers that actually design and make their own controllers so that they can guarantee the integration of both their hardware and their software without shuffling you to a 3rd party coder.

Techno Vacuum Tables:

Techno CNC Vacuum Router TableTechno vacuum tables are made of a phenolic panel that provide a high co-efficient of friction to prevent slippage of your parts during fabrication.

The vacuum table itself, is machined with a waffle pattern to expose as much of the material to the vacuum pressure while still supporting it in a horizontal plane. The grooves in the table provide channels for zoning off portions of the table with rubber gaskets.

Techno LC Series CNC Routers

Techno PRO Series CNC Routers