Router tables, are as the name suggests .... a table with the ability to clamp a wood router to the underside.

freud router table It allows you to leave a basic wood router stationary and locked into place to the underside of the table top and move the wood instead instead of the machine.

This is of particular benefit if you're working on really small pieces of wood that are hard to clamp and machine with a traditional fixed based router.

Router tables come in as many versions as the standard hamburger, some just include the wood/metal or plastic table top with an insert for attaching a router and some come with a full set of legs.

The most sophisticated router tables actually come built as a full cabinet with dust collection and cutter storage incorporated into the design of the unit and a sophisticated fence system to boot!

Features of the Best Router Tables:

Lets review the features that make up the best router tables on the market today... table, inserts, fence & stand.

Router Table Reviews:

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